Samsung’s Rugged S4

Samsung has a huge hit on their hands with the Samsung Galaxy S4. Many people would like to see the S4 in a metal body though. The iPhone is housed in a metal case, and the plastic of the S4 turns a few people off. It’s not that the phone performs badly, but some just like the more expensive feel of metal. However, Apple downgraded the quality of the metal in their iPhones a few years back, and the phones now have softer metal in them, and show dents and scratches much easier. In fact, many people said their phone was scratched or dented right out of the box. leather case

So, if Samsung decides to make a metal phone, they will have to be careful it doesn’t just feel like another cheap metal version of the same phone, since people are looking for quality build with the performance. However, Samsung may be thinking even more industrial, and may make the phone like their Samsung Rugby Smart, which is a phone that is waterproof, and is scratch proof and withstands drops and bangs. If they go that route, the phone would cost a lot more, but would also provide some comfort for owners.