Samsung Mega Phones

Samsung is selling phones with big screens these days. The Galaxy S3 had a large screen. The Galaxy S4 has an even larger screen than the S3. Also, the Galaxy Note 2 sported a 5.5 inch screen, which is pretty big for a phone. Apparently, some people like the extra real estate as Samsung is now considering making a couple of mega phones. No, not megaphone as in what you speak into, but a mega phone as in a huge screen, making them nearly the size of the iPad mini or Kindle fire. samsung-galaxy-s4These phones may have a 6 or 6.5 inch screen, giving them huge screen real estate, and making them more like a tablet with a phone ability. That’s fine if people have huge hands, or get in the habit of using a Bluetooth headset, but at some point it just gets difficult to hold a massive tablet to your head to talk.

Samsung has pioneered phones and other electronics though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this shipped with a headset or something to help minimize the size for calling, but maximize the screen for other work.