Samsung Galaxy S4 Flagship Phone

Samsung has been creating electronics and smartphones for years, and their new Samaung Galaxy S4 flagship phone will put them in people’s pockets. They made a name for themselves as one of the top TV manufacturers a few years back, and since then have been growing a bigger and faster market share of home electronics. Their DLP, Plasma, and LCD TV lines made their way to living rooms, and have pushed mainstream competitors like Sony and Panasonic aside in overall sales. Now, Samsung is bringing their innovation and creativity to possibly the most used electronic device of all time, the smartphone.Galaxy S4 phone

The smartphone now lives in the pockets and hands of almost all Americans, and many other users around the world. Apple really took the lead when it came to inventing the smartphone touch screen, and easy to use operating system, and a phone, the iPhone, took the world by storm. However, it’s been nearly a decade since Apple first unveiled their phone, and their innovations have been more like minor improvements over time. They may add a front facing camera that could have been there years before, or add another simple update to a bevel. In many cases, the phones were worse than a predecessor due to a bad antennae or reduced battery life. It was only a matter of time before someone else became the king of the smartphones.

Just as Samsung pushed out Panasonic and Sony in market share, they are also doing the same with their newest Galaxy S4 phone. The Galaxy S4 is really an evolution of their Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 phones (often shown as Galasy SII and Galaxy SIII in Roman Numerals, with the latest the Galaxy IV). Their Galaxy S2 proved to be a very competitive smartphone. The Galaxy S3 blew the market open and added features Apple had not considered or uses like the eye tracking software and NCI chips. Samsung put everything into their phone, while the Apple ploy was to put in one new thing, but leave the other newest inventions for the next year, when they would try to sell more phones at inflated prices and drive up stock prices. Samsung just beat them to the market with the best tech. Instead of holding back and playing the drip game, they gave consumers exactly what was available at the time and the best in tech. The Galaxy S3 was a huge success.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has done the same, but has widened the gap even more between the iPhone and the Galaxy S4. Visit this site to see a comparison chart and get a Galaxy S4 case. The previous models were comparable in screen size, quality, speed, and service. Now, the Galaxy S4 burns the pants off the iPhone in camera, speed, and features. The Samsung Galaxy S4 now even has better eye tracking capabilities, an IR emitter to program and change the channel on the TV, and many other advanced features for exercise, video conferencing, and productivity. It is the best phone on the market, and has put Samsung at the top of the charts for smartphones.Galaxy S4 Case

In the US, iPhone still has more sales, but world-wide, Android is the operating system and number one best selling phone. The Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship phone uses Android, and allows users to customize apps, widgets, and make their phone feel unique to them as an individual user. It is the phone that everyone wants, and will do whatever anyone wants.

The phone is so popular, there are some unsurprising inventory and shipping delays with it’s worldwide launch. There are many ways to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship phone, but having one in your hands is the key to all of it. Keeping it from breaking is important, too. You can see the best Samsung Galaxy S4 cases on this website. They have cases that can help you protect your phone from scratches, drops and breaking.

With all the new flash and glamor of the Samsung Galaxy S4, it’s easy to see why it is Samsung’s flagship phone, and why so many people will be lining up to get their hands on one.